New year, new blog

For the last few weeks Matthias Ott has been running a newsletter about designing and publishing on the web, with a heavy emphasis on owning and running a personal website. There's an archive available of past issues, well worth a peruse.

Every time a new issue drops, I remember that it's something I want to (re)launch. I open Sublime Text, try and remember what CMS I was playing with, get lost looking at colours and fonts, and then... oh, shiny thing!

So this morning I decided to spend a few hours and just launch something. It doesn't need to be perfect, it doesn't even need to be finished (are they ever...?). Just get something live – I can tinker to my heart's content, nothing is set in stone.

Forcing myself to make a decision and not get caught up in the pros and cons I settled on Kirby as my CMS of choice [1]. I'll post separately on my decision making that led to this as there were a number of others in the loop, my long term go-to Craft, as well as new (to me) systems like Eleventy.

So here it is, the first post of the blog, and as it's being posted on Hogmanay it also means we're heading into the start of a new year. I tend not to be a good digital caretaker (coupled with the fact that writing doesn't come easily to me), but let's see if I can keep this alive during 2024.

Time for a beer.
Slàinte Mhath

  1. Future Steve, here. I've since reversed this decision and rebuilt into Eleventy having solved the couple of brick walls I ran into on my original investigation. ↩︎

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